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Promotion trucks and showtrucks from Bischoff + Scheck put your brand presence on the road. With their impressive size and sophisticated technical functions, our promotional trailers embody the best possible flexibility for road shows and product presentations. Extendable terraces and room modules give you maximum usable space for your mobile marketing and product campaigns.

Showtrucks eon - Aussenansicht mit Bühne


Because making a statement has absolute priority.

Huge action areas, spacious themed areas for a wide variety of uses, glazed and air-conditioned: every square foot of these massive showtrucks has been perfectly conceived. Powerful onboard cooling and heating, self-monitoring on-board electronics, fully hydraulic and automatic leveling, and the latest lighting technology: numerous innovative details ensure that we make every vision a reality.


Convincingly flexible inside.

To ensure plenty of usable space inside, we create pop-outs that can be extended on one or both sides of the trailer. Training and presentation rooms can also be easily integrated into our promotional vehicles. These rooms can even be used during a roadshow. Each vehicle for your presentation purposes is individually equipped according to your specifications.

Promotion truck Fischer - Innenansicht

Promotion truck Fischer - Innenansicht


Because making a statement has absolute priority.

Bespoke interior fittings are our focus. Proper installation of your exhibits ensures their optimal use in your vehicle. Seating and counters, interactive presentation walls. Everything according to your wishes and specifications. And best of all: a single person can get one of our promotion trucks or showtrucks ready for action within a few hours!