• Racetrailer


Racing is our core competence. With timing and precision, we create innovative high-performance products to meet the highest demands. We always use the latest technology to design adaptive race trailer and living quarters for the safe transport of high-tech vehicles. Tailored to your functional requirements, including a highly complex workshop, multifunctional loading and storage areas, and comfortable meeting areas.

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Because making a statement has absolute priority.

How do valuable cars get to the racetrack? We’ve been working on finding the perfect solution to this problem from the start of our company. Our enthusiasm for motorsport alone motivates us to expand the range of race trailer and living quarters services we offer. There are no limits to the variety of planning options. Each one of our special vehicle or racetrailer is a technical wonders.


Convincingly flexible inside.

Functionality of a racetrailer at its best: whether meeting area, office, or conference room, even the on-board kitchen is amazing! Rely on our creativity. There are always specific requirements and we never lose sight of them. On the contrary, we help your ideas take off with our expertise and imagination.

Workshop + Transport

Technology and maintenance onboard.

Everything’s running perfectly and is absolutely functional: a loading lift can, for example, raise the vehicles so that the entire floor space can be used for functional rooms and workshops. This means that there is always enough space to do you work at the racetrack. Individual technical equipment and dedicated parking spaces are ideal for transport, maintenance, and repairs.