Our commitment goes far beyond motorsport and far beyond the safety of paved roads: In order to design and implement an individual motorhome truck or hospitality trailer for off-road use that still offers the highest level of comfort and elegance, we immerse ourselves completely into life and work off the beaten track.

This has very special requirements: expedition vehicles and off-road vehicles must be extremely robust and perform fully even under the most extreme conditions. Through the combination of high-performance all-wheel-drive chassis, modern bodies, and the latest technology, we create custom-made products that are as individual as their owners.

Motorhome Offroad Fahrzeug Wissinger Offroad


Because making a statement has absolute priority.

Making off-road vehicles that can easily be adapted to any terrain is an assignment we have tackled with ease time and again. Dirt. Gravel. Mud. Steep climbs. For our special vehicles, these are the conditions that they were made for. This is where they can really show their stuff.


Per your plans and wishes.

When the functionality inside is just as important as a resilient exterior, we build the right motorhome truck or hospitality trailer that meets all of your requirements and design the interior fittings for your own sense of well-being. Whether you want the finest materials to decorate the living space, top-notch technical equipment, or the right room layout for your specific needs, we provide answers to all questions and work with you to design the plans for your dream vehicle. This way we ensure that every component can be used optimally while creating valuable space to stow your stuff.

Truck mit Wohnauflieger Wissinger Offroad - Livingarea
Motorhome innen Wissinger Offroad - Bathroom


Transport and maintenance onboard.

Arrive safely even after riding down the road to hell: stable constructions and high-quality materials with the best workmanship form a wonderful symbiosis. Because, as with all our vehicles, we think of everything you might need when going off-road. The focus here, of course, is guaranteeing a safe arrival at the destination even after the most difficult stretches.