q Horsetrailers: high tech for horses and riders made by Bischoff+Scheck
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When competition horses arrive at their destination after a long journey, they have to be able to live up to their full potential quickly. This requires safe and stress-free travel. That’s why we’ve long been developing solutions that go far beyond the classic horse trailer with tarpaulin. The word horse transporter is no longer sufficient to describe the luxury provided by our vehicles. For example, high-tech is used to soften braking processes. The special vehicles offer enough space for several competition horses to travel comfortably and relaxed.


For safe and stress-free travel.

The transport of horses has always been stressful for the animals with the unfamiliar surroundings and jerky movements that leave them restless.But once you see the horse trucks from Bischoff + Scheck, your mind will be changed. The physically ergonomic box arrangement and the effective padding alone make the horses’ journey as comfortable as possible. Transport fit for a king!


Convincingly flexible inside.

But not only the animals travel comfortably: there’s no end to the bespoke fittings of the interior in these extraordinary 40-ton trucks. Horse owners and staff benefit from luxurious living and sleeping facilities with a kitchen and bathroom. The living area can be expanded with the side pop-out extensions, making the horse truck the perfect place to welcome honored guests. There are also quiet retreats for the crew, too.


Transport and maintenance onboard.

The options in the horse compartment with individually adjustable partition walls and specially selected materials are also impressive. Since the comfortable transport of valuable competition horses was one of our priorities right from the start, we have garnered a wealth of experience in realizing customer requests. The high payload and the different vehicle lengths allow individual spaces to be created for up to seven horses.