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Once the purchase is complete, that’s when the next phase begins: service. The happier you are, the better for everyone! For us, selling a vehicle is only one part of the whole process. It is therefore only logical for you to be able to contact us at any time when it comes to the maintenance of your special vehicle. We’re always available to provide comprehensive and precise service.


  • After Sales

    Even after delivery, we are available to answer any questions you may have about the vehicle.

  • Individual service packages

    We offer the right maintenance package for every type of vehicle, even vehicles from other manufacturers.

  • Wide range of products

    Not just repairs, spare parts, and training: we are also the right contact for conversions of any kind.

  • TÜV service

    We always keep track of your TÜV and SP appointments via our CRM system and can carry out these inspections for you.

  • Annual maintenance

    From the chassis to the lift to the air conditioning: we offer service for all aspects of your vehicle, all in-house.

  • Skilled personnel

    Our employees receive regular training to keep them consistently up to date with the cutting edge of technology.


We are here for you even after your purchase is complete. We’re always happy to deliver the vehicles we develop and build with experience, commitment, and passion, but, of course, we’re ready to take care of them with individual service. We are always available for you. Right where you need us!


You can now achieve even more efficiency by outsourcing your fleet management. Every hundredth of a second counts when on the road. We make sure that our customers forget any time being sidetracked. Setup. Breakdown. Transfer. And setting it up again: that’s event service from Bischoff + Scheck.


  • All-round support
  • Provision of machines
  • Skilled personnel
  • Transfer to and from races
  • Setup and breakdown service
  • Event service


For even more service, we offer individual support down to the last detail. Since we know every screw in your vehicle inside and out, after sales is a very important part of our mission. The leasing of individually compiled service packages is part of the wide range of services.


  • Leasing of individual service packages
  • Expert advice
  • Cost-effective implementation
  • Maintenance of hydraulics & air conditioning
  • TÜV inspection of all products
  • Service hall with the latest technology