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More precision. Minimal tolerances.

Fast, reliable, precise: we also set standards in steel construction! Of course, everything has to be precise when building high-tech vehicles. But we achieve minimal tolerances in the production of the chassis through innovative clamping devices, which are rare in steel construction.

Steel construction plays an important role in our company: our well thought-out construction with optimized work processes enables broad production with extremely fast results. This allows us to keep tight schedules: often several employees are working on the production of a special vehicle at the same time, even in sub-assemblies.


Steel inspires. We rely on steel, especially for load-bearing structures, which are designed completely with computers and are safe in every process. We set standards, especially with the almost tolerance-free coupling device! Our approach to intelligent construction and custom manufacturing also has enormous advantages in terms of maintenance. Because even the most difficult individual parts can be reproduced quickly and easily.


Body construction


Take a look at the production and processes of our company and find out why we have been successfully delivering special vehicles for individual requirements for 20 years.

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