Function meets aesthetics

All of our special vehicles have one thing in common: the first look is absolutely spectacular! Because this effect is decisive, in the first step we rely on consistent design and a refined appearance directly based on the client’s corporate design.

That this facade hides an innovative combination of functionality, mobility, and comfort is all the more astonishing at second glance. It is clear that the symbiosis of perfect function and fantastic appearance is important to us. When design goes hand-in-hand with timing and precision right from the start, new aesthetic dimensions can be opened.


If intelligent design not only takes into account the possibilities of a special vehicle, but supports them, then the philosophy is right. With our special vehicles, the very first drawing shows the clear design language. Because that is the case, all accessory products fit in harmoniously with the vehicle. Innovative design is directly related to efficient use of space, transport safety, and many other components.




Take a look at the production and processes of our company and find out why we have been successfully delivering special vehicles for individual requirements for 20 years.

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