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In addition to classic after-sales support, which extends to full service, we offer a very special type of support: driver training at the Bischoff + Scheck Academy. Everyone who has to do with special vehicles from Bischoff + Scheck in their everyday work or privately can learn how to optimally handle their trailer tractors.

The academy courses cover everything important one needs to know about handling the vehicles in a very practical way. This simplifies work processes and ensures that the vehicles are handled perfectly. Commissioning, transport preparations, load securing, instruction on fault diagnosis through to the documents required for journeys in the EU: nothing is left out.
This also includes driver safety training right next door at the adjacent Driving Center Baden with its handling course and dynamic surfaces to put your team members through their paces.

Bischoff+Scheck Academy 2020



Only those who have made an emergency stop with their vehicle know what to do properly. At Bischoff + Scheck this also includes learning how to do it on different road surfaces. Even on curves. As a special service, the academy courses also include factory tours, technology introductions, and demonstrations of the assembly and commissioning of the vehicles. The system check prior to commissioning, transport preparations, load securing, and fault diagnosis are further components of the two-day courses.

It’s not just the participants who benefit from the courses, although they do then know a lot more about the handling and maintenance of the special vehicles. For our employees and management, being in contact with our customers and sharing our specialist knowledge are an important part of our work.


Vision of the Academy

My vision for the Bischoff + Scheck GmbH Academy was to offer our customers something new, an opportunity to share our knowledge, improve our relationship, and present our ideas and technologies. The concept soon became a reality. In February we held our very first customer training program. The main task was to help our customers better understand our trailer system so that they could get the best out of it.”
– Volker Scheck, Managing Director –