• Technical Vehicles

    Sonderfahrzeug KHG technical truck 1 - outside – mobile units


We bring the combination of mobility and comfort to many areas. We plan so precisely down to the last inch. That means we consistently make the best use of the space available to us when building our special vehicles.
With this consistent approach, we also build our mobile technical units which are technically sophisticated special vehicles for direct use on location. Our innovative broadcast vans combine all the advantages of mobile communication with contemporary requirements, optimally designed ergonomics, and the best transport safety.

Special vehicles reference for KHG Technical – mobile units


Because making a statement has absolute priority.

Vehicles, loading and storage spaces, workplaces, technical equipment: mobile technical units are 100% geared towards their intended use. Our mobile vehicle units are used for different purposes. That is why we approach every task with full commitment and go deep into the ins and outs of every project. This way every little detail is taken into account.


Convincingly flexible inside.

When mobile resources need to be set up quickly, the creative ideas we have meticulously implemented really come into play. Perhaps this is best seen with one of our state-of-the-art TV broadcast vans. After all, as soon as the live broadcast begins, there’s no more room for experiments. The equipment must be available and ready to go. All the technology needs to work in sync and mesh perfectly, ready for use without wasting time.

TopVision technical truck – mobile units
Sonderfahrzeug Feuerwehr Baden-Baden - Innenansicht Arbeitsplätze – mobile units


Transport and maintenance onboard.

Every vehicle has clearly defined tasks. But what if the tasks required of a mobile technical unit suddenly change? What if it’s deployed someplace completely different? It is precisely in such cases that the universality of our company becomes apparent: all of our vehicles are multifunctional and can be expanded at any time. Large storage spaces, onboard technology, and external freight elements can all be quickly adapted to the new situation.