• Hospitalities

    Design reference hospitality trailers


With invisible mobility, well thought-out room concepts, and modular buildings based on our pop-up trailers, our exhibition trailers and hospitality trailers are in the spotlight at every event! Refined design and exquisite workmanship meet sophisticated functionality. The result is a spectacular presence with an incomparable ambience in the middle of the racing action, whether it is a sophisticated compact trailer or several stories high around an atrium. Event support, catering, and transport are also part of our wide range of services.

Truck Mobile - Suzuki Hospitality


Because making a statement has absolute priority.

Bischoff + Scheck GmbH offers high-end performance for absolute presence and close contact with the Grand Prix: the exteriors of our hospitality vehicles make a fantastic first impression. Thanks to the sophisticated construction on a semi-trailer base, our hospitality vehicles offer generous space and privacy for the driver, crew, and guests along their entire length.


Convincingly flexible inside.

The mixture of function and aesthetics creates a spectacular location to follow the exciting racing action that’s guaranteed to leave lasting impressions. Inside, drivers can relax, team members can hold meetings, and the crew can enjoy professional catering in the mobile kitchen unit. Inspire sponsors and customers with food and entertainment at the highest level!

Reference McLaren Hospitality trailers

Interior design Haas F1 Team Hospitality trailers


Transport and maintenance onboard.

Because the fascinating ambience skillfully hides the fact that these are built on trailers, our exhibition trailers and hospitality trailers always feel like a calm retreat from the hectic pace on the track. As a very elegant and flexible event location available in different sizes with fold-outs or pop-ups, our hospitality vehicles can integrate private offices and meeting rooms, fully equipped kitchens, huge guest areas, and even terrace extensions up to four floors above the ground.