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When a competition Horse reaches its destination it often has to be able to be in peak form in the shortest time. This obviously depends on the travelling conditions .....


From the very beginning, we took into consideration the safety of the competition horses and as a result, we offer a solution that reaches far beyond the ability of a normal horse trailer. Once again, we use our unlimited imagination and inspiration to produce excellent results that amaze with their precision and innovation.


The name ‘horse transporter’ or ‘horse trailer’ no longer does this product justice. We consider our Trucks as ‘First Class’ on running gear equipped with high technology. They offer maximum comfort, allowing valuable animals to travel in a stress free environment. Even such things as sudden or abrupt breaking are absorbed to a maximum by the ergonomic and physical layout of the boxes.


The journey is not only extremely comfortable for the horses but also for the owners and riders. The luxurious interior, with a generous and spacious salon, has also enough room to entertain guests.
Comfortable and safe transport of horses has been our priority from the beginning. We possess a large amount of experience of realising our customers’ wishes. At Bischoff + Scheck the optimal results have always been our aim.

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